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4 Tips for Painting Cement Walls in the Basement


- January 7, 2022

Could your basement walls use a refresher? Whether you want to use your basement as a rec room or for storage, freshly painted walls will improve the look and feel of the space. Don’t be deterred by the challenge of painting cement walls. With a little know-how, you can get the job done.

1. Check For Water Damage

As a resident of the Portland, OR, area, you know too well that we enjoy a lot of damp weather. Before you paint your basement walls, you must first check for water damage. Look for signs of condensation and groundwater seepage. If your basement needs significant waterproofing or drainage work, you should seek professional Portland painting services.

Check For Water Damage

2. Preparation Is Key

Once you’ve tackled any moisture issues, take the time to prep the room. Clean up debris. Cover surfaces and floors with drop cloths. Provide ventilation by opening basement windows or placing box fans to move the air. Wear a face mask and goggles in addition to your painting attire. Taking care of these things first will speed the actual painting process.

3. Your Painting Project

Now that your space is ready and you’ve assembled the tools of the trade, you’re ready to work on your walls. If possible, choose a dry, sunny weekend to begin. However, for Portland house painting we often take what we can get. Regardless of the weather, follow these steps:

Preparation Is Key

  1. Patch damaged areas of concrete with filler. Allow the areas to dry and then sand them until smooth.
  2. Clean the walls with trisodium phosphate and warm water. TSP removes any dirt and oil that will ruin your paint job. Let the concrete dry thoroughly.
  3. Apply the paint, cutting into the corners and edges first with a brush, then rolling the rest of the wall. Let dry.
  4. Use a putty knife to scrape off any bumps that have arisen. Sand patches where the paint did not adhere.
  5. Apply the second coat more firmly than the first. Really roll the paint into the holes and pores of the concrete. Let dry for several days.

4. Or Go For the Pros

If the above tasks seem daunting, don’t hesitate to hire a professional Portland painter. The advantages of working with a professional painter include the following:


  • They already have all the right tools and equipment.
  • They can assist with color matching and choosing the right paint for the job.
  • They prep the space.
  • They do all the clean-up and proper disposal of materials.
  • They save you time.


In addition, the Portland area has many old homes with lead paint. Professional painters can deal with the lead paint legally and safely, protecting the health of you and your family.

Pacific Coat Painting

If you would like a free, detailed estimate for painting your basement walls, contact Pacific Coat Painting. We will discuss with you the surfaces that need painting, the amount of preparation required, which products we will use, and the payment procedures.


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